Friday, June 14, 2013

A little bit of inspiration ... and maybe a smile

Since February 2013, my family and I decided to rid ourselves of cable television and use our Roku as a strict source of entertainment. We did this mostly because in the winter of  2012/2013, I was channel surfing one day and thought to myself, "What a bunch of crap! There is nothing on TV but crap. We have all these channels and all of the shows are nothing but crap." And what's worse is you're paying for all of this crap! Suddenly, Bruce Springsteen's song ran through my mind:

And don't even get me started on commercials! After being away from commercials for so long, I now watch 99% of commercials and they seem so foreign to me, to my mind. Most of them do nothing but market crap and dumb down of the public!

But what's worse is the news! It seems like every day the public is inundated with depressing, rage-filled "news" backed by -- not facts but -- opinions! And when the news is not about war, murder, scheming politicians, robbery, death, it's about people who don't really matter. You know ... people like this and this and this and ANYONE on here!
Now. That being said. Getting all the negative out of the way. I'm about to infuse your day with the most uplifting, inspirational -- sometimes happy, sometimes touching to the point of tears -- and just plain fun videos I could find and/or know of. To begin with, in honor of Father's Day this Sunday, June 16, here are some (which also happen to be commercials -- the 1% that don't make my mind mush) that are quite touching:

NOW ... onto the regular videos! Here's a little bit of inspiration ... and maybe a smile. Watch and enjoy!

What's your favorite?

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